Many projects and concepts exist that are aimed at improving transit infrastructure across the region.  A large portion of residents believe in expanding transit.  In a 2014 poll, the Atlanta Regional Commission found that 42% of the region believes expanding public transit is the best way to fix traffic problems, while 28% believe improving roads/highways is the best solution.

Concept 3 is the Atlanta region’s official long-range transit vision.  More information on Concept 3 can be found here. 


“The OTP-ITP identity split highlights a divided metro Atlanta. There are signs the region wants to work together to solve its problems. Yet a slew of serious economic, government, business, political and environmental divisions threaten to strangle the region’s growth, which lags that of several peer metro areas since the recession.

Metro Atlanta, an amalgam of 150 cities spread across 29 counties, is something of a poster child for regional disharmony. Fulton County alone includes 14 cities. The city of Atlanta, with only 8 percent of the region’s 5.5 million people, doesn’t have the clout to unify the region.”

— Atlanta Journal Constitution

While Atlanta has the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation, Dallas, Charlotte, and other surrounding cities are creating serious competition for business and talent.